rFactor CRACK

rFactor is another product of a small American studies developer Image Space Incorporated. This company has in the past dealt with the creation of racing games for the giant electronic games – a company Electronic Arts. ISI is responsible, among other things, for projects such as the Sports Car GT, F1 Challenge ’99-’02 and NASCAR Thunder 2004.


One of the distinctive features described racer against competing products is its unusual design. rFactor consists of a series of modules. Some of them are available in the basic version, others can be added directly by the player (eg download from the official website). It is also a great range of possibilities for authors of various modifications. Interestingly, you can also change the ready-made elements, such as the process carried out by the producer career. The basic element described ścigałki is “SR Grand Prix”, or racing vehicles representing the many different classes, held on sections of asphalt. It is worth noting that the player has a significant influence on the course of the race. Even before it starts, you can select one of several classes available to ascertain the level of artificial intelligence computer opponents. In addition to the extensive single player mode also prepared for fans of online battles.





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